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Is High Traffic means High Sales ?

There may be some of us who are confused with the website, because the traffic has reached the desired target, but sales do not reach the expected target. Website has become number one in google search engine with keywords that (according to you) is right, but there is no purchase transaction. What is wrong ? It turns all back to the keyword (read: keyword) that you choose.

Why should you choose the right target keywords?

Keywords are words inputted by internet user in search engine (google, yahoo, bing, etc) to search the website. Of course it’s no use if you maximize your website with keywords that no one else will be looking for.

And do not forget, the keywords that you will use for your website should be able to attract the right visitors.

If you choose the wrong keywords, then your efforts to promote your website will only culminate in the absence of a purchase and certainly it will be a waste of your precious money and time.

How to choose the right keywords?

There are three types of keywords that are often used, namely: keywords for browsing, keywords to compare, and keywords to buy.

Keywords to compare are good keywords for SEO. People who use keywords compare are people who are looking for solutions to their problems, and of course they are people who are ready to buy. To get maximum results in SEO, you should concentrate on keywords to compare this.

Most people use two or four words in search. We recommend that you do not use just one word to create keywords, as they are very un-targeted. It is better to use four search words or more instead of using just one word.

What happens if you choose the wrong keyword?
Keywords wrong = You are wasting your time and money.

You spend your time optimizing your website for keywords that can not raise your website ranking on search engines. Or you will spend your valuable time optimizing your website with keywords that do not generate sales.

It’s important to choose the right keywords in order to get the number one spot on search engines and generate sales. Make sure you use the right keywords.